Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 2 Post B

As I was reading section two something really stood out to me, and it bothered me very much. Here is the quote I picked, “Some people had suggested to me that I wasn’t drafted as a quarterback because of my race. At first, I didn’t agree; I just figured that playing quarterback in the National Football League was completely different from playing in college. A number of scouts said they had passed on me in the draft because of my height and arm strength. Later in the season when we played guys like Bob Griese, Joe Ferguson, and Frank Turkenton, I would deliberately walk by, look them in the eye, and measure my height against theirs. I was as tall as each one of them. I began to wonder if race had indeed played a role” (pg 47-48). As a viewer when I read this it makes me sad. All the quarterbacks that he talks about were all white, and it truly makes me sad that scouts would actually pass on a player because of their skin color. This just shows the reader that Dungy never gives up, and he relies on Christ to lead him to the right decision. In this section Tony describes how hard he had to work to make the Pittsburgh Steelers roster, and how nervous/anxious he was on final cuts day. Dungy just continued to pray, and leaned on god. He wasn’t about to let racism get in his way twice.

Week 2 Post A

1.) Gregarious-Fond of the company of others; Sociable (pg 61).

2.) Candor- The state or quality of being frank,open, and sincere in speech or expression (pg 73).

Here is a quote I picked that I believe is very significant to the second section. "Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed." -Proverbs 16:3

I believe this quote was very significant to the second section of Quiet Strength because Tony Dungy describes to the viewer how difficult it is on his wife with new born children, and also how difficult it is on him to keep having to change job locations. Dungy describes to the reader that he always prays with god that he will lead him into the right direction for him, and for his family. I truly believe that this quote is so true in this section, and that god did really lead Tony, and his family into the right place. Also that Tony Dungy continues to put god first, and when tough times come he relies on Christ completely.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Summary of Section 1 ( To impress Mr. Hatten)

In the first section of Quiet Strength Tony Dungy shares with the reader his childhood, high school years, and his college years. Tony shares with the reader that growing up he was always taught that god/family is most important. He shares with the reader that he always figured that he would go to heaven, and that he asked god into his heart as a five year old. Tony Dungy’s faith is always first to him, and growing up he always wanted to be proactive in his faith.
As a young teenager he always loved football and basketball. Tony describes to the reader some tough racism situations he dealt with at his high school that was a predominantly white junior high school. Tony shares with the reader how he pretty much quit his high school football team as the senior quarterback because of racial issues. Tony also describes to the reader his love for both football/basketball, and how he always dreamed of playing both in college.
In college Tony Dungy attended the University of Minnesota, and played quarterback for the Gophers. Tony shares with the reader that he was hurt his sophomore year early in the season, and how his dream was crushed to play both football/basketball in college. Dungy describes to the reader that it was okay, and that being able to play on the football team/keeping up with academics would have been very hard. In the first section of Quiet Strength Tony shares with the reader how hard it was to sit at home waiting for the phone call with his friend to be drafted into the N.F.L. and the call never came for him, but his friend was drafted.

Post B

When I was reading my book Quiet Strength Tony Dungy describes his high school years as an athlete in football, and in basketball. In particular he describes his senior year as the quarterback, and only African American captain on his football team. I would like to share with you a passage that stood out to me. “One of my closest buddies was Booby Burton, a receiver. The two of us had been starters on the varsity team since our sophomore season. Coach Driscoll’s policy was for the team to vote for the following year’s captains at the end of the season. That year, I was elected as a team captain. Bobby wasn’t. I just couldn’t understand this. I could only think of one explanation: for some reason the school didn’t want two black captains” (pg 22-23). When Dungy shares this with the reader it made me very sad, and sick to my stomach. Dungy went to a predominately white junior high school, and Parkside’s football team (the high school he attended) had never had two black captains. In my opinion Bobby did not get to be captain because of his skin color, and this really bothered Tony. This event bothered him so much that he ended up quitting football his senior year, and as did all the African Americans on his team. Dungy felt like he needed to take a stand, and he felt that he needed to make a statement. Tony ended up rejoining the football team a few months later after talking with coach.

Post A

Hindrance: An impending, stopping, preventing, or the like. (pg 16)

Doggedly: Persistent in effort; stubbornly tenacious. (pg 27)

One emerging theme in the book I'm reading Quiet Strength is that football is just a game, and god/family is most important.

I changed my book! here is the information on it

The name of my book is Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy. This book was published in 2007, and this book is nonfiction. Quiet Strength is 301 pages long. Some evidence that it is challenging enough for a high school sophomore is that Quiet strength is a New York Times bestseller, and this book is longer than 250 pages. I chose this book because my older brother Trent who's a sophomore in college, and plays for the UMD Bulldogs recommended it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2nd Quarter The Name of my book and author, etc.

The name of my book is Eagle Blue by Michael D'Orso. This book was published in 2006, and this book is non-fiction. Eagle Blue is 323 pages long. Reading the reviews proves that this book would be challenging for a high school sophomore. This book is alot longer than 250 pages also, and I also believe it is challenging enough because Mr. Hatten recommended it. I choose this book because I really like hearing stories about sports teams, and Mr. Hatten recommended it.