Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 5 Post B

As I was reading Quiet Strength something really stood out to me. Tony Dungy’s football team was just about to play there first game after the September eleven attacks, and this is what Tony says. “It had been a while since I had given much thought to the significance of singing the national anthem before a game, since it happened so routinely every week. I was usually more interested in who was performing it. But this game, I was focused on the anthem itself-the words, the music, the meaning-as much as the game. I was focused on our team standing out there, ready to go back to work in honor of our country” (Pg 190). This really stood out to me when I was reading this because it is so true. People so often take for granted those who have died for us, and fought for our freedom. At sporting events people are asked to standup and to please remove their hats as the national anthem is sang. People don’t standup sometimes, and don’t bother to remove their hats. I believe that is ridiculous, and Tony also says that he is usually more worried about who is singing the national anthem than the significance of the words. I believe everyone is guilty of that. What bothers me most especially at school is people are to lazy to standup for the pledge of allegiance. If you don’t like some of words in the pledge of allegiance that are so often debated then get out of our country.

Week 5 Post A

1.) Gregarious- Fond of the company of others; sociable (Pg 178).

2.) Belligerent- Warlike; given to waging war (Pg 201).

One emerging theme in the book I am reading Quiet Strength is the belief of Tony Dungy that God is in control of everything.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4 Post A

1.) Ultracompetitive: Very competitive in everything you do (pg 143).

2.) Steward:A person who manages another's property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.

One emerging them of the book would be that when something might hurt you in the short run, you will be better off by sticking with it then just simply giving up.

Week 4 Post B

A quote that really stood out to me in section four was when Tony Dungy says; “Although we had spent our whole married life in the ultracompetitive world of professional football, Lauren and I had always tried to view it through God’s eyes. As much fun as it was to be winning, we tried not to get caught up in it. We knew that our family life and our faith walk were more important” (pg143). When Tony Dungy says this it really has an impact on the reader. As a reader this quote tells the audience that Tony believes that your walk of faith and family life are way more important that football. In this quote Tony is saying that even though life may seem perfect, and that your team is winning/doing great you should never forget what got you there. He is saying that even though winning may be great you shouldn’t get carried away with it, and forget the little things. You still need to continue your walk of faith, and family life is way more important that football. Coming from a greatly known National Football League coach like that is very inspiring. If Tony Dungy believes that, and has the time to do the little things with how busy his schedule is everybody should be able to do it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3 Post B

As I was reading section three in my book Quiet Strength this quote really stood out to me. “Finally Joe Marciano called back. He had lined up a suitable replacement for himself in New Orleans, and Jim Mora had agreed to let him come to Tampa. I couldn'tbelieve it, the whole situation was remarkable. Two coordinators had been under the same contract to the same club, which allowed them to make lateral moves to the same opposing club in the same conference. Looking back, I truly believe the Lord brought that staff together. There is no other way to explain the way this staff came together except to say that God orchestrated the process” (pg 101). This quote really stood out to me because this passage really shows the reader that Tony Dungy does everything through God. Also that he truly believes God leads everybody in a certain direction. This shows the reader that Dungy is a very spiritual man. He believes’ without god he never would have received the coaching opportunity nor would he have received that great coaching staff without God. Throughout this section Tony relies on God countless times. Whether it’s getting another job interview, talking to his wife about moving, or even praying with his football team before/after games. As a reader I truly respect Dungy as a great coach. He is what a coach is supposed to be, and I really agree with his philosophies. I also love the way he runs himself, and his team with an infinite amount of class. He is a true example of how an N.F.L. football team should be coached.

Week 3 Post A

1.) Frugal: Economical is use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful (pg 90).

2.) Commiserated: To feel or express sorrow or sympathy for, empathize with; pity (pg 91).

One emerging theme I noticed in section three of Quiet Strength is Tony Dungy relying on Gods plan, and timing for certain things to happen. For example: " Hubert Mizell, longtime columnist of the St. Petersburg times. According to his inside sources, I wasn't being considered seriously among the candidates for the Bucs job. I was only a minority interview, brought into demonstrate the Bucs' commitment to diversity" (pg 92).

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hornet League Debate

1.) One debate that I know of is whether we should stay in Iraq or not. I believe these debates occurs in Washington D.C. This debate serves the purpose of whether or not we should finish our job in Iraq or save money/lives by pulling out the troops. So far it hasn't really helped arrive a better decision. I believe the debate is unstructured, and I believe this would make the decision making process harder.

2.) Another debate that comes to mind is whether we should make an oil pipeline through out Alaska or not. I believe this debate occurs in the state of Alaska, and possibly in Washington D.C. This debate serves the purpose of whether or not we should drill an oil pipeline into Alaska so the U.S. isn't dependent on foreign oil or that we shouldn't so we can save the animals in Alaska breeding habitat's. So far the decision is no, and I believe this debate is structured. I believe this would make the decision making process easier.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 2 Post B

As I was reading section two something really stood out to me, and it bothered me very much. Here is the quote I picked, “Some people had suggested to me that I wasn’t drafted as a quarterback because of my race. At first, I didn’t agree; I just figured that playing quarterback in the National Football League was completely different from playing in college. A number of scouts said they had passed on me in the draft because of my height and arm strength. Later in the season when we played guys like Bob Griese, Joe Ferguson, and Frank Turkenton, I would deliberately walk by, look them in the eye, and measure my height against theirs. I was as tall as each one of them. I began to wonder if race had indeed played a role” (pg 47-48). As a viewer when I read this it makes me sad. All the quarterbacks that he talks about were all white, and it truly makes me sad that scouts would actually pass on a player because of their skin color. This just shows the reader that Dungy never gives up, and he relies on Christ to lead him to the right decision. In this section Tony describes how hard he had to work to make the Pittsburgh Steelers roster, and how nervous/anxious he was on final cuts day. Dungy just continued to pray, and leaned on god. He wasn’t about to let racism get in his way twice.

Week 2 Post A

1.) Gregarious-Fond of the company of others; Sociable (pg 61).

2.) Candor- The state or quality of being frank,open, and sincere in speech or expression (pg 73).

Here is a quote I picked that I believe is very significant to the second section. "Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed." -Proverbs 16:3

I believe this quote was very significant to the second section of Quiet Strength because Tony Dungy describes to the viewer how difficult it is on his wife with new born children, and also how difficult it is on him to keep having to change job locations. Dungy describes to the reader that he always prays with god that he will lead him into the right direction for him, and for his family. I truly believe that this quote is so true in this section, and that god did really lead Tony, and his family into the right place. Also that Tony Dungy continues to put god first, and when tough times come he relies on Christ completely.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Summary of Section 1 ( To impress Mr. Hatten)

In the first section of Quiet Strength Tony Dungy shares with the reader his childhood, high school years, and his college years. Tony shares with the reader that growing up he was always taught that god/family is most important. He shares with the reader that he always figured that he would go to heaven, and that he asked god into his heart as a five year old. Tony Dungy’s faith is always first to him, and growing up he always wanted to be proactive in his faith.
As a young teenager he always loved football and basketball. Tony describes to the reader some tough racism situations he dealt with at his high school that was a predominantly white junior high school. Tony shares with the reader how he pretty much quit his high school football team as the senior quarterback because of racial issues. Tony also describes to the reader his love for both football/basketball, and how he always dreamed of playing both in college.
In college Tony Dungy attended the University of Minnesota, and played quarterback for the Gophers. Tony shares with the reader that he was hurt his sophomore year early in the season, and how his dream was crushed to play both football/basketball in college. Dungy describes to the reader that it was okay, and that being able to play on the football team/keeping up with academics would have been very hard. In the first section of Quiet Strength Tony shares with the reader how hard it was to sit at home waiting for the phone call with his friend to be drafted into the N.F.L. and the call never came for him, but his friend was drafted.

Post B

When I was reading my book Quiet Strength Tony Dungy describes his high school years as an athlete in football, and in basketball. In particular he describes his senior year as the quarterback, and only African American captain on his football team. I would like to share with you a passage that stood out to me. “One of my closest buddies was Booby Burton, a receiver. The two of us had been starters on the varsity team since our sophomore season. Coach Driscoll’s policy was for the team to vote for the following year’s captains at the end of the season. That year, I was elected as a team captain. Bobby wasn’t. I just couldn’t understand this. I could only think of one explanation: for some reason the school didn’t want two black captains” (pg 22-23). When Dungy shares this with the reader it made me very sad, and sick to my stomach. Dungy went to a predominately white junior high school, and Parkside’s football team (the high school he attended) had never had two black captains. In my opinion Bobby did not get to be captain because of his skin color, and this really bothered Tony. This event bothered him so much that he ended up quitting football his senior year, and as did all the African Americans on his team. Dungy felt like he needed to take a stand, and he felt that he needed to make a statement. Tony ended up rejoining the football team a few months later after talking with coach.

Post A

Hindrance: An impending, stopping, preventing, or the like. (pg 16)

Doggedly: Persistent in effort; stubbornly tenacious. (pg 27)

One emerging theme in the book I'm reading Quiet Strength is that football is just a game, and god/family is most important.

I changed my book! here is the information on it

The name of my book is Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy. This book was published in 2007, and this book is nonfiction. Quiet Strength is 301 pages long. Some evidence that it is challenging enough for a high school sophomore is that Quiet strength is a New York Times bestseller, and this book is longer than 250 pages. I chose this book because my older brother Trent who's a sophomore in college, and plays for the UMD Bulldogs recommended it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2nd Quarter The Name of my book and author, etc.

The name of my book is Eagle Blue by Michael D'Orso. This book was published in 2006, and this book is non-fiction. Eagle Blue is 323 pages long. Reading the reviews proves that this book would be challenging for a high school sophomore. This book is alot longer than 250 pages also, and I also believe it is challenging enough because Mr. Hatten recommended it. I choose this book because I really like hearing stories about sports teams, and Mr. Hatten recommended it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Sea Inside Post 3

A scene I remember in particular were the ocean, and beach scenes. The camera/film technique was pediscle. This camera/film technique added a lot to the shot. I believe the director was just sending the message of beautiful scenery, and the shot just really showed how Ramon vividly remembers the beach/ocean. Another scene that I remember in particular was the the big sail boat scene. The camera/film technique was a long shot. This camera/film technique added distance to the scene. I believe the director was sending the message of how much Ramon misses the sea, and I believe that the sail boat was so far away because it represents how far away Ramon is from being back to normal. Another scene I remember was when both woman meet. The film/camera technique was at eye level. This added a different kind of view to the scene that I liked very much. I believe the director was sending the message that both woman are equal in importance because they saw at the same eye level. Another scene that I remember throughout the movie in particular is when they always do close ups when Ramon is laying in bed. I believe the director is sending the message that Ramon is a very important character in the movie. Another Scene I remember vividly was when Ramon is talking to Julia in the bed. The camera/film technique was a medium close up the whole time when they are talking, and then when they kiss it switches to eye level. I believe the director did this to give the audience a better view when they kiss, and to show that this is a important part in the movie. Lastly a scene that I remember very well was when Ramon goes away in the truck in the end of the movie. Javier runs after the truck, and the camera/film technique was a long shot. I believe the director did this to make it seem more realistic, and he did this to symbolize the final good bye between Ramon and his family.

Sea Inside Post 2

Some Similarities The Sea Inside had with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly were that the families showed unconditional love for Ramon and Bauby. The family took care of Ramon all those years, fed him, and loved him very much. In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Bauby's family kept visiting, kept loving him, and talking to him. Another similarity between The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly were that both stories ended with the main character writing a book about there situation. I believe that there purpose in life was to share their story with the world. Also after the main characters wrote their books they passed away. Some differences The Sea Inside had with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly were that in the movie The Sea Inside Ramon could actually talk, and write things. In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly the only thing Bauby could move was his left eye to communicate. Another difference between The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly were that in The Sea Inside Ramon wanted to die so badly because he was just so sick of his living condition, and he was very negative in my opinion. In the Diving Bell and the Butterfly Bauby did not dread life, his purpose was to write his book. Bauby also wasn't very negative about his living condition, and in my opinion Bauby's situation was way worse that Ramon's. In my opinion The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was way more powerful. I believe this because Bauby's situation was just so sad. Bauby had a family, he had a wife and two kids. Bauby was also older, and his accident just happened so suddenly. To have everything taken away from you like that is awful, and especially when you can't even touch your kids or wife anymore. Bauby had it very bad, he could barely communicate at all, and what was very sad to me was when he saw himself in the mirror. Bauby saw how ugly he was, and I'm sure that broke his heart.

Sea Inside Post 1

My general reaction and response to this film was that this story was very sad. You dint really know what was going to come next, and the film left you puzzled at times. In my opinion Ramon's request for assisted suicide is very wrong. Any kind of suicide in my opinion is wrong. God let Ramon survive that accident for a reason, and I really believe that. I believe the court was put into a very tough situation. Know one really knows how tough it is to be in Ramon's shoes, but in the end I agree with the courts ruling. I can't imagine being stuck in a bed for that many years without being able to do anything. In my opinion that would be very sad, and terrible. I disagree with his eventual actions very much so. It is too bad that he never met god in his life, when you commit suicide it is a very bad thing. I believe it was selfish on his part to all the people that loved him. I completely disagree with his friends that helped him. It was against the law, and the people that helped him should have gone to prison.

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Friday October 26 Option 1

Palm 1
Chris Palm
Mr. Hatten
English 10
26 October 2007
Then let it rock
“This was the bigger game I’d been playing since 1989, when I’d looked around the league and figured out that trying to be Jerry Rice or anyone else was never going to work for me. I wanted to succeed on my own terms, and if that meant rocking the boat, then let it rock” (pg 250). When Terrell writes this to the reader in Catch This! Going Deep with the NFL’s Sharpest Weapon by: Terrell Owens and Stephen Singular this tells the reader that Terrell Owens wanted to accomplish his goals by being himself. Terrell wanted to share with people that pretending to be someone else your whole life is a wrong thing to do, and he was willing to stick up for that by taking the heat from the media.
Owens expressed this message to the reader by describing his emotions to how the media blows things out of proportion. “It was almost enough to bring back the tears, and it looked as if the past really was being put to rest. This was what sports had always been about for me: working hard to win and then enjoying the moment when it came” (pg 219). When Terrell shares this with the reader it makes you feel sad. This passage helps the reader visualize how bad the media can effect/make an athlete feel. Especially a tough athlete like Terrell Owens, the media almost put him into tears. What Owens shared with people in this passage was that no matter how bad the media rips you apart stick to your morals, and be yourself.
Palm 2
Owens shared this message to the audience by explaining to the reader why sometimes he blew up in games with his coach, and teammates. “For almost all of the 1,700 or so players in the National Football League, that moment never comes, and they never know what it feels like to be a Super Bowl champion. That’s what life is really like in the NFL and why tempers flare and people scream and coaches get fired and tears sometimes fall. Losing is never easy and never fun” (pg 220). When Owens shares this passage with the reader it shows the reader that Terrell is a very competitive athlete, and that when his team is not winning it kill’s him inside. In this passage Terrell tries to explain to the reader his competitiveness that he has for the game, and how he feel’s when he is losing.
Owens expressed this message to the reader by proving that being yourself will always benefit you in the long run, and to not be weak. “When we finally learn and accept that everybody is different from everybody else, and that’s a true strength and not a weakness, we’ll have made a great leap forward” (pg 236). This passage Owens shares with the reader is a great point. This tells the audience that Owens is maturing immensely. Owens is sharing with the reader that when everybody realizes that being yourself is a strength, and people stop faking their identity’s the world will be a better place to live in. In this last chapter Terrell reminds the reader that pretending to be someone you’re not your whole life is very wrong, and that regardless of how bad things get stick to who you are.
Palm 3
In my opinion Owens shared this memoir/autobiography to the world because he wanted to share with people that pretending to be someone else your whole life is a wrong thing to do. Some examples that helped me believe this were when Owens expresses his emotions to the reader by describing how the media blows things out of proportion, lets the audience know why sometimes he blew up in games with his coach/ teammates, and lastly by proving that being yourself will always benefit you in the long run, and to not be weak. Would you have folded up to the harsh media, and gone back to your old ways of being fake? Or would you have stayed true to your morals, and been yourself?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday October 26 Post 1

In the final part of my book Terrell Owens talks about the ending of his disappointing season. Terrell talks about how harsh the media is on an athlete, and how every time Owens speaks the truth everybody is always out to get him. Terrell also talks about when he speaks the truth people usually are appalled by it, but then people tend to change their minds in the end. For example "When I do something new, I always take a ton of heat at first. People get angry, they blow up at me, they vent. They call me names and make me the target of their feelings, but then time passes, and they start to see things in a different light" (pg 236). Owens also talks about his sad ending of being a San Francisco Forty-Niner, and how he was going to become a free agent very soon. Terrell talks about how difficult the process was to finally become a free agent, and how he had to have surgery on his collarbone that had broken in two places. Terrell worried that if teams found out about his surgery that it would make him a less valuable player. In the end Terrell gets his wish of being traded, and he sticks to his morals that he was taught by his grandmother growing up. Which was to always speak your mind, and be yourself regardless of your circumstances. I really enjoyed this last section, and I enjoyed reading it very much.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Outside reading Week 5

2.) Part 5 of my book was about the beginning of Terrell's 2003 N.F.L season. T.O. describes how disappointing the start of the season was, and how he dint work so hard his whole life to be on a losing team. Owen's describes how he wants so badly to be a champion. Owen's goes into his explosion on the sideline against Cleveland, and why he did it. T.O. explains how he was frustrated because he wasn't getting the ball, and how quarterback Jeff Garcia wasn't looking his way. Terrell also let's the reader know how badly the media blows things out of proportion, and that the media was partly responsible for his terrible relationship with quarterback Jeff Garcia. T.O. mentions sometimes it's better not to say anything to the media, but regardless he was raised to speak his mind.

My personal reaction to part 5 of my book was that I liked it very much again. I respect Terrell Owen's very much because he's not a fake person. Some athletes fake there identity to the public and fans, but I love how Owen's speaks his mind. He was raised to speak his mind, and I truly respect that. I also agree with Terrell on the subject that the media blows things out of proportion when they get quotes from certain athletes. I believe that the media can be very negative to athletes, and that they are out to get they players sometimes. I also like how Terrell describes why he wants more money for on his contract to support is mother, grandmother, and the rest of is family. I respect him deeply for that. Some athletes stop respecting the people that helped get them there, and T.O. certainly does not do that. He has unconditional love for his mom, and grandmother.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 4

1.) "I never realized how much I loved her until I saw her get sick" (pg 142). Terrell Owen's, Catch This! Going Deep with the NFLs Sharpest Weapon. I believe this quote was so important to the book because when Terrell Owen's says this about his grandmother getting Alzheimer's it shows the reader that T.O. is starting to mature more. Owen's grandmother growing up was like a second mother to him, and it was very hard for Terrell to cope with his grandmother not being able to remember the good times they had together. This quote struck me as so important because I had a grandma that died of cancer two and a half years ago. I kind of can sense what Owen's was feeling like, and what he was going through. Losing a grandmother can be a very hard time in your life, whether it's death or finding out they are sick.

2.) The last section of my book I read was very good. In section four Terrell talks about his 2002 season, and how the Forty-Niners went to the playoffs. He talks about how the Forty-Niners came back from a twenty two point deficit, and how they rallied to win as a team. He also talks about how is head coach was fired after the team's second round playoff loss. Owen's also talks about how hard it is to discover that his grandma has Alzheimer's, and how he felt bad for his mom that she had to constantly take care of her. Owen's describes how hard it was for him to put her in a nursing home, but that it was the best thing to do.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly-Chris Palm

In my opinion The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was the worst book I have ever read in my opinion. I believe this because it was very, very hard to follow. Yes it was fascinating at times, but there was way too much random stuff in this book. I personally don't like to read about gloomy stories, and this was definately a gloomy, and sad one. I would rather read about an athlete than someone in a wheelchair who can barely communicate. Thid was the hardest book to read too. Reading this book for homework I would often fall asleep because of how boring it was. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly to me was an extremely hard book to read because you never knew what the author was going to talk about next. In my year's in school the quizzes, and test we took for this book compared to other class books I have read over the years were the hardest I have ever experienced. I believe this was the case because we would take quizzes, and we never went over the answer's in class nor did we ever discuss the questions. So this made the test very challenging because how were we supposed to know the answer's if we never discussed any of the questions in class. I have talked to many classmates about this, and they seem to strongly agree with me. I believe I may have enjoyed the book more if the quizzes/test weren't so difficult.

Week 3 Part 2

Up this point in my book I believe this memoir has many strengths, and very few weaknesses. A strength I believe this book has are that Owen's does a very good job describing his child hood, and what he had to go through as a young boy without a father. The book also describes how Terrell was very isolated as a kid, not being able to play with other kids outside. Another strength of this book is how T.O. describes life in the N.F.L. and how tough the physical play on the body can be, and how hard you have to train. Owen's also describes how one hit during a game can change your career in an instant, and how player's need to be thinking about life after football. A weakness I noticed in the book is that I wish Owen's would describe how the road trips were with guys on the team, because as an athlete those are the best times I remember. Just hanging out with the guys. Some issues in the book that I strongly agree with are that the media usually over reacts with what Terrell Owen's does on the field, and how the media in general is unfair to black athletes. I believe the media usually blows things out of proportion with the black athletes. I would relate this book to my life by agreeing with Owen's on how hard you do have to work to play the sport you love. Also I could relate this book to my life by saying how important family, and god can be to me as an athlete. Terrell often emphasizes the importance of those two things throughout this book. My prediction in this book would be that Terrell makes it big as an N.F.L. receiver, and sooner or later he and his coach are going to have a major run in. My feelings related to this book are that I like it very much, and this book keeps me intrigued to keep reading more.

Week 3 Part 1

1.) The third section of my book was very good. It describes how T.O. starts to really explode as the next great San Fransisco wide receiver. Terrell describes how he battles with the up's and downs of the game, and his recent run-ins with coach "Mooch". Owen's also tell's the reader how how hard it is for him to pretty much push Jerry Rice from being the top receiver to the second receiver. In all the third section of my book was very good.

2.) Terrell Owen's was born on December 7, 1973 in Alexander city, Alabama. He was his mother's first son, and was raised in a small house by his grandmother. Terrell grew up in a pretty tough life, with not much money. Terrell would have to take care of his grandmother when she was drunk, and he wasen't allowed to play any sports unitl he was older of age. Even though Owen's grandmother sometimes over drank he still looked up to her as a second mother, and loved her very much. http://www.jockbio.com/Bios/Owens/Owens_bio.html

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 2- Chris Palm

The second section of my book was once again very ineresting, and grabbed the reader's attention. This section of the book was about Terrell Owen's first game in the N.F.L. with the San Fransico Forty Niner's, and how he made a name for himself in his first game. Terrell describes to the reader that he play's football to support his family, and why he works so hard. Owen's describes how he wants to make it big with the San Fransico Forty Niner's to repay his mom and his grandmother for all the things they did for him while he was growing up. Later in the section Terrell tell's the reader how hard it is to discover that his grandmother has Alzheimer's, and how hard it is for him to not be able to talk/pray with his grandma for the first time.

The 10 loaded words I found are: Screamed pg. 57- I believe this word is loaded because it describes someone's action in a different way. I believe the feeling of this word is frustrated, and dissapointed.

Veterans pg 58- I believe this word is loaded because it describes a football player's rank among the player's in a different way. I believe the feeling of this word is class act, and also seriousness.

Crucial pg 59- I believe this word is loaded because it describes a situation in a different way. I believe the feeling of this word is important, and very serious.

Respect pg 60- I believe this word is loaded because it describes in a different way how you treat someone, and it tell's the reader that there is alot of respect in football. I believe the feeling of this word is very important to to Terrell because if you disrespect someone you will get a bad reputation, and you will not get respect back.

Intensity pg 64- I believe this word is loaded because it describes in a different way how serious a situation is or how intense Terrell is as a football player. I believe the feeling of this word is the seriousness and passion Terrell has for football.

Interact pg 67- I believe this word is loaded because it describes in a different way how you hang out with your teammates. Also it's a different word for talking with people. I believe the feeling of this word is happy, and how you can communicate with people.

Shrunk pg 70- I belive this word is loaded because it describes in a different way how Terrell is feeling. I belive the feeling of this word is sad, and embarrassed because it describes how T.O. feel's after he fumbles the football in his first N.F.L. game.

Redemption pg 71- I believe this word is loaded because it describes in a different way how you can make up for a mistake or how you can get back at somebody. I believe the feeling of this word is determined to make up for a mistake.

Discretion pg 77- I believe this word is loaded because it describes in a different way how you think about making a decision. I believe the feeling of this word is seriousness, and how you judge things to come back, and make up for a mistake.

Frustration pg 86- I believe this word is loaded because it describes in a different way how someone is truly feeling. I believe the feeling of this word is dissapointed, and upset. This word describes Owen's when he learns that his grandmother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Week One Book report Response -Chris Palm

The first section of my book was very good in my opinion. In summary the first section of my book was about Terrell Owens childhood in Alabama living with his mother, and his grandmother. This section shares the tough times he had to over come. For example not being able to see his mother very often because she had work at the mill to support her family. Terrell also had to grow up being raised by his very strict grandmother who would never let Terrell play outside in the later hours during the day while other kids would be playing out in the street. Owens would often cry looking out the window at the kids playing together on those lonely nights. Growing up Terrell also dealt with some child abuse. The only time Owens was able to play with other kids was when his grandmother would pass out from drinking too much, and he would have to sneak out the front door. Terrell had to get lucky to get back before his gradmother came to or else he would be beaten. Another hardship Terrell Ownes had to deal with was being raised without a father in his life, which in my opinion would be terrible. In one of the passages in this section Terrell describes how one time he became interested in a girl across the street, and the girl's mother came out to say "you can't be interested in her because her daddy is your daddy too." This shocked Terrell to finally find out who his father was.

The first passage I read also describes how Terrell found his passion for basketball and football. Owen's describes the small high school he went to, and how he first went out for football/basketball. Terrell tell's us as he was growing up his grandmother would often tell him that all sport's were a waist of time. Terrell shares with us how his first love was basketball, and how hard he had to train to get noticed by a division 1-AA football scout. Owen's describes with us his football and basketball days at the small school University of Tennessee Chattanooga, and how when he arrived he thought UTC was the same school as the University of Tennessee. He describes to the reader his homesickness away from home in Alabama, and how he would call his mom/ grandmother crying saying he can't do it. In one passage he tell's his grandmother he is coming home for good, and she responds by saying "do you want to work at the mill the rest of your life?" End of conversation.

My reaction to the first section was I liked it alot, I have great feeling's for Terrell Owen's as an athlete and person. I respect the way's he perservered through his childhood, and by how hard he worked. I predict that he will make his family proud, and he will be a star in the National Football League. (N.F.L.)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pick a This I Believe essay/podcast from the archives, listen to it and post the following on your blog:

1. A link to the essay
2. Author
3. Title
–4. One sentence of what the belief is
–5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief
–6. 1 favorite passage


2.)by Jeffrey Hollender

3.)Living in the Here and Now

4.) There is always an oppurtunity to change, but sometimes it takes a tragedy to realize it.

5.) Ex. 1 "I vowed to myself that I would honor my brother's death by being present in my own life."

Ex. 2 "The autopilot I'd been running on for god knows how long finally shut off."

6.) I often cry when I think about my brother. It's one of the few things I let myself cry about. I missed opportunities with him because I wasn't present — missed opportunities I will never have again. In some ways, he was almost always fully present. He didn't know any other way to be. I don't want to miss anymore of my life than I already have. By being present and conscious, aware and awake, I believe that I can honor my brother, just a little bit, every day.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is ...---One goal for myself in my sophomore year is ...

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is doing well in school , and getting good grades. I am anxious about getting good grades because it's important to me that I do well in school, and work hard at it. I also want to do well to make my parents happy too.

One goal for myself in my sophmore year is to make the Edina Junior Varsity or Varsity hockey team. That is one of my goals for this year because i think it would be great to be part of the historic program of Edina hockey. I also think it would be great because both of the teams will be very strong this year. Lastly I work my tail off on a and off the ice throughout the year, and I believe it would be great to be rewarded for the hardwork.