Monday, October 1, 2007

Week One Book report Response -Chris Palm

The first section of my book was very good in my opinion. In summary the first section of my book was about Terrell Owens childhood in Alabama living with his mother, and his grandmother. This section shares the tough times he had to over come. For example not being able to see his mother very often because she had work at the mill to support her family. Terrell also had to grow up being raised by his very strict grandmother who would never let Terrell play outside in the later hours during the day while other kids would be playing out in the street. Owens would often cry looking out the window at the kids playing together on those lonely nights. Growing up Terrell also dealt with some child abuse. The only time Owens was able to play with other kids was when his grandmother would pass out from drinking too much, and he would have to sneak out the front door. Terrell had to get lucky to get back before his gradmother came to or else he would be beaten. Another hardship Terrell Ownes had to deal with was being raised without a father in his life, which in my opinion would be terrible. In one of the passages in this section Terrell describes how one time he became interested in a girl across the street, and the girl's mother came out to say "you can't be interested in her because her daddy is your daddy too." This shocked Terrell to finally find out who his father was.

The first passage I read also describes how Terrell found his passion for basketball and football. Owen's describes the small high school he went to, and how he first went out for football/basketball. Terrell tell's us as he was growing up his grandmother would often tell him that all sport's were a waist of time. Terrell shares with us how his first love was basketball, and how hard he had to train to get noticed by a division 1-AA football scout. Owen's describes with us his football and basketball days at the small school University of Tennessee Chattanooga, and how when he arrived he thought UTC was the same school as the University of Tennessee. He describes to the reader his homesickness away from home in Alabama, and how he would call his mom/ grandmother crying saying he can't do it. In one passage he tell's his grandmother he is coming home for good, and she responds by saying "do you want to work at the mill the rest of your life?" End of conversation.

My reaction to the first section was I liked it alot, I have great feeling's for Terrell Owen's as an athlete and person. I respect the way's he perservered through his childhood, and by how hard he worked. I predict that he will make his family proud, and he will be a star in the National Football League. (N.F.L.)

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