Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 3 Part 1

1.) The third section of my book was very good. It describes how T.O. starts to really explode as the next great San Fransisco wide receiver. Terrell describes how he battles with the up's and downs of the game, and his recent run-ins with coach "Mooch". Owen's also tell's the reader how how hard it is for him to pretty much push Jerry Rice from being the top receiver to the second receiver. In all the third section of my book was very good.

2.) Terrell Owen's was born on December 7, 1973 in Alexander city, Alabama. He was his mother's first son, and was raised in a small house by his grandmother. Terrell grew up in a pretty tough life, with not much money. Terrell would have to take care of his grandmother when she was drunk, and he wasen't allowed to play any sports unitl he was older of age. Even though Owen's grandmother sometimes over drank he still looked up to her as a second mother, and loved her very much.

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Ryan said...

That picture is sick, I'm glad your enjoying your book. The book seems interesting, and I hope I can read that book someday. Your response to this blog is sometimes hard to read. Some of the sentences are hard to read. Go back and look to see if you can change that at all. Other than that it looks good.