Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday October 26 Post 1

In the final part of my book Terrell Owens talks about the ending of his disappointing season. Terrell talks about how harsh the media is on an athlete, and how every time Owens speaks the truth everybody is always out to get him. Terrell also talks about when he speaks the truth people usually are appalled by it, but then people tend to change their minds in the end. For example "When I do something new, I always take a ton of heat at first. People get angry, they blow up at me, they vent. They call me names and make me the target of their feelings, but then time passes, and they start to see things in a different light" (pg 236). Owens also talks about his sad ending of being a San Francisco Forty-Niner, and how he was going to become a free agent very soon. Terrell talks about how difficult the process was to finally become a free agent, and how he had to have surgery on his collarbone that had broken in two places. Terrell worried that if teams found out about his surgery that it would make him a less valuable player. In the end Terrell gets his wish of being traded, and he sticks to his morals that he was taught by his grandmother growing up. Which was to always speak your mind, and be yourself regardless of your circumstances. I really enjoyed this last section, and I enjoyed reading it very much.

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