Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly-Chris Palm

In my opinion The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was the worst book I have ever read in my opinion. I believe this because it was very, very hard to follow. Yes it was fascinating at times, but there was way too much random stuff in this book. I personally don't like to read about gloomy stories, and this was definately a gloomy, and sad one. I would rather read about an athlete than someone in a wheelchair who can barely communicate. Thid was the hardest book to read too. Reading this book for homework I would often fall asleep because of how boring it was. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly to me was an extremely hard book to read because you never knew what the author was going to talk about next. In my year's in school the quizzes, and test we took for this book compared to other class books I have read over the years were the hardest I have ever experienced. I believe this was the case because we would take quizzes, and we never went over the answer's in class nor did we ever discuss the questions. So this made the test very challenging because how were we supposed to know the answer's if we never discussed any of the questions in class. I have talked to many classmates about this, and they seem to strongly agree with me. I believe I may have enjoyed the book more if the quizzes/test weren't so difficult.

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