Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 3 Part 2

Up this point in my book I believe this memoir has many strengths, and very few weaknesses. A strength I believe this book has are that Owen's does a very good job describing his child hood, and what he had to go through as a young boy without a father. The book also describes how Terrell was very isolated as a kid, not being able to play with other kids outside. Another strength of this book is how T.O. describes life in the N.F.L. and how tough the physical play on the body can be, and how hard you have to train. Owen's also describes how one hit during a game can change your career in an instant, and how player's need to be thinking about life after football. A weakness I noticed in the book is that I wish Owen's would describe how the road trips were with guys on the team, because as an athlete those are the best times I remember. Just hanging out with the guys. Some issues in the book that I strongly agree with are that the media usually over reacts with what Terrell Owen's does on the field, and how the media in general is unfair to black athletes. I believe the media usually blows things out of proportion with the black athletes. I would relate this book to my life by agreeing with Owen's on how hard you do have to work to play the sport you love. Also I could relate this book to my life by saying how important family, and god can be to me as an athlete. Terrell often emphasizes the importance of those two things throughout this book. My prediction in this book would be that Terrell makes it big as an N.F.L. receiver, and sooner or later he and his coach are going to have a major run in. My feelings related to this book are that I like it very much, and this book keeps me intrigued to keep reading more.

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