Monday, October 29, 2007

Sea Inside Post 1

My general reaction and response to this film was that this story was very sad. You dint really know what was going to come next, and the film left you puzzled at times. In my opinion Ramon's request for assisted suicide is very wrong. Any kind of suicide in my opinion is wrong. God let Ramon survive that accident for a reason, and I really believe that. I believe the court was put into a very tough situation. Know one really knows how tough it is to be in Ramon's shoes, but in the end I agree with the courts ruling. I can't imagine being stuck in a bed for that many years without being able to do anything. In my opinion that would be very sad, and terrible. I disagree with his eventual actions very much so. It is too bad that he never met god in his life, when you commit suicide it is a very bad thing. I believe it was selfish on his part to all the people that loved him. I completely disagree with his friends that helped him. It was against the law, and the people that helped him should have gone to prison.

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