Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 5 Post B

As I was reading Quiet Strength something really stood out to me. Tony Dungy’s football team was just about to play there first game after the September eleven attacks, and this is what Tony says. “It had been a while since I had given much thought to the significance of singing the national anthem before a game, since it happened so routinely every week. I was usually more interested in who was performing it. But this game, I was focused on the anthem itself-the words, the music, the meaning-as much as the game. I was focused on our team standing out there, ready to go back to work in honor of our country” (Pg 190). This really stood out to me when I was reading this because it is so true. People so often take for granted those who have died for us, and fought for our freedom. At sporting events people are asked to standup and to please remove their hats as the national anthem is sang. People don’t standup sometimes, and don’t bother to remove their hats. I believe that is ridiculous, and Tony also says that he is usually more worried about who is singing the national anthem than the significance of the words. I believe everyone is guilty of that. What bothers me most especially at school is people are to lazy to standup for the pledge of allegiance. If you don’t like some of words in the pledge of allegiance that are so often debated then get out of our country.

Week 5 Post A

1.) Gregarious- Fond of the company of others; sociable (Pg 178).

2.) Belligerent- Warlike; given to waging war (Pg 201).

One emerging theme in the book I am reading Quiet Strength is the belief of Tony Dungy that God is in control of everything.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4 Post A

1.) Ultracompetitive: Very competitive in everything you do (pg 143).

2.) Steward:A person who manages another's property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.

One emerging them of the book would be that when something might hurt you in the short run, you will be better off by sticking with it then just simply giving up.

Week 4 Post B

A quote that really stood out to me in section four was when Tony Dungy says; “Although we had spent our whole married life in the ultracompetitive world of professional football, Lauren and I had always tried to view it through God’s eyes. As much fun as it was to be winning, we tried not to get caught up in it. We knew that our family life and our faith walk were more important” (pg143). When Tony Dungy says this it really has an impact on the reader. As a reader this quote tells the audience that Tony believes that your walk of faith and family life are way more important that football. In this quote Tony is saying that even though life may seem perfect, and that your team is winning/doing great you should never forget what got you there. He is saying that even though winning may be great you shouldn’t get carried away with it, and forget the little things. You still need to continue your walk of faith, and family life is way more important that football. Coming from a greatly known National Football League coach like that is very inspiring. If Tony Dungy believes that, and has the time to do the little things with how busy his schedule is everybody should be able to do it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3 Post B

As I was reading section three in my book Quiet Strength this quote really stood out to me. “Finally Joe Marciano called back. He had lined up a suitable replacement for himself in New Orleans, and Jim Mora had agreed to let him come to Tampa. I couldn'tbelieve it, the whole situation was remarkable. Two coordinators had been under the same contract to the same club, which allowed them to make lateral moves to the same opposing club in the same conference. Looking back, I truly believe the Lord brought that staff together. There is no other way to explain the way this staff came together except to say that God orchestrated the process” (pg 101). This quote really stood out to me because this passage really shows the reader that Tony Dungy does everything through God. Also that he truly believes God leads everybody in a certain direction. This shows the reader that Dungy is a very spiritual man. He believes’ without god he never would have received the coaching opportunity nor would he have received that great coaching staff without God. Throughout this section Tony relies on God countless times. Whether it’s getting another job interview, talking to his wife about moving, or even praying with his football team before/after games. As a reader I truly respect Dungy as a great coach. He is what a coach is supposed to be, and I really agree with his philosophies. I also love the way he runs himself, and his team with an infinite amount of class. He is a true example of how an N.F.L. football team should be coached.

Week 3 Post A

1.) Frugal: Economical is use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful (pg 90).

2.) Commiserated: To feel or express sorrow or sympathy for, empathize with; pity (pg 91).

One emerging theme I noticed in section three of Quiet Strength is Tony Dungy relying on Gods plan, and timing for certain things to happen. For example: " Hubert Mizell, longtime columnist of the St. Petersburg times. According to his inside sources, I wasn't being considered seriously among the candidates for the Bucs job. I was only a minority interview, brought into demonstrate the Bucs' commitment to diversity" (pg 92).

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hornet League Debate

1.) One debate that I know of is whether we should stay in Iraq or not. I believe these debates occurs in Washington D.C. This debate serves the purpose of whether or not we should finish our job in Iraq or save money/lives by pulling out the troops. So far it hasn't really helped arrive a better decision. I believe the debate is unstructured, and I believe this would make the decision making process harder.

2.) Another debate that comes to mind is whether we should make an oil pipeline through out Alaska or not. I believe this debate occurs in the state of Alaska, and possibly in Washington D.C. This debate serves the purpose of whether or not we should drill an oil pipeline into Alaska so the U.S. isn't dependent on foreign oil or that we shouldn't so we can save the animals in Alaska breeding habitat's. So far the decision is no, and I believe this debate is structured. I believe this would make the decision making process easier.