Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3 Post B

As I was reading section three in my book Quiet Strength this quote really stood out to me. “Finally Joe Marciano called back. He had lined up a suitable replacement for himself in New Orleans, and Jim Mora had agreed to let him come to Tampa. I couldn'tbelieve it, the whole situation was remarkable. Two coordinators had been under the same contract to the same club, which allowed them to make lateral moves to the same opposing club in the same conference. Looking back, I truly believe the Lord brought that staff together. There is no other way to explain the way this staff came together except to say that God orchestrated the process” (pg 101). This quote really stood out to me because this passage really shows the reader that Tony Dungy does everything through God. Also that he truly believes God leads everybody in a certain direction. This shows the reader that Dungy is a very spiritual man. He believes’ without god he never would have received the coaching opportunity nor would he have received that great coaching staff without God. Throughout this section Tony relies on God countless times. Whether it’s getting another job interview, talking to his wife about moving, or even praying with his football team before/after games. As a reader I truly respect Dungy as a great coach. He is what a coach is supposed to be, and I really agree with his philosophies. I also love the way he runs himself, and his team with an infinite amount of class. He is a true example of how an N.F.L. football team should be coached.

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