Sunday, October 14, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 4

1.) "I never realized how much I loved her until I saw her get sick" (pg 142). Terrell Owen's, Catch This! Going Deep with the NFLs Sharpest Weapon. I believe this quote was so important to the book because when Terrell Owen's says this about his grandmother getting Alzheimer's it shows the reader that T.O. is starting to mature more. Owen's grandmother growing up was like a second mother to him, and it was very hard for Terrell to cope with his grandmother not being able to remember the good times they had together. This quote struck me as so important because I had a grandma that died of cancer two and a half years ago. I kind of can sense what Owen's was feeling like, and what he was going through. Losing a grandmother can be a very hard time in your life, whether it's death or finding out they are sick.

2.) The last section of my book I read was very good. In section four Terrell talks about his 2002 season, and how the Forty-Niners went to the playoffs. He talks about how the Forty-Niners came back from a twenty two point deficit, and how they rallied to win as a team. He also talks about how is head coach was fired after the team's second round playoff loss. Owen's also talks about how hard it is to discover that his grandma has Alzheimer's, and how he felt bad for his mom that she had to constantly take care of her. Owen's describes how hard it was for him to put her in a nursing home, but that it was the best thing to do.

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