Thursday, October 18, 2007

Outside reading Week 5

2.) Part 5 of my book was about the beginning of Terrell's 2003 N.F.L season. T.O. describes how disappointing the start of the season was, and how he dint work so hard his whole life to be on a losing team. Owen's describes how he wants so badly to be a champion. Owen's goes into his explosion on the sideline against Cleveland, and why he did it. T.O. explains how he was frustrated because he wasn't getting the ball, and how quarterback Jeff Garcia wasn't looking his way. Terrell also let's the reader know how badly the media blows things out of proportion, and that the media was partly responsible for his terrible relationship with quarterback Jeff Garcia. T.O. mentions sometimes it's better not to say anything to the media, but regardless he was raised to speak his mind.

My personal reaction to part 5 of my book was that I liked it very much again. I respect Terrell Owen's very much because he's not a fake person. Some athletes fake there identity to the public and fans, but I love how Owen's speaks his mind. He was raised to speak his mind, and I truly respect that. I also agree with Terrell on the subject that the media blows things out of proportion when they get quotes from certain athletes. I believe that the media can be very negative to athletes, and that they are out to get they players sometimes. I also like how Terrell describes why he wants more money for on his contract to support is mother, grandmother, and the rest of is family. I respect him deeply for that. Some athletes stop respecting the people that helped get them there, and T.O. certainly does not do that. He has unconditional love for his mom, and grandmother.

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