Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 2 Post B

As I was reading section two something really stood out to me, and it bothered me very much. Here is the quote I picked, “Some people had suggested to me that I wasn’t drafted as a quarterback because of my race. At first, I didn’t agree; I just figured that playing quarterback in the National Football League was completely different from playing in college. A number of scouts said they had passed on me in the draft because of my height and arm strength. Later in the season when we played guys like Bob Griese, Joe Ferguson, and Frank Turkenton, I would deliberately walk by, look them in the eye, and measure my height against theirs. I was as tall as each one of them. I began to wonder if race had indeed played a role” (pg 47-48). As a viewer when I read this it makes me sad. All the quarterbacks that he talks about were all white, and it truly makes me sad that scouts would actually pass on a player because of their skin color. This just shows the reader that Dungy never gives up, and he relies on Christ to lead him to the right decision. In this section Tony describes how hard he had to work to make the Pittsburgh Steelers roster, and how nervous/anxious he was on final cuts day. Dungy just continued to pray, and leaned on god. He wasn’t about to let racism get in his way twice.

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